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Labrinth Performs First Night Of UK Tour & Previews 'Electronic Earth' Album

Finally releasing debut...


Labrinth Performs First Night Of UK Tour & Previews 'Electronic Earth' Album


Hitmaker Labrinth has produced a double whammy by wowing fans during his first live performance at Camden's KoKo last night and then gracing fans with an exclusive twelve-minute album snippet of his hugely anticipated masterpiece, Electronic Earth.

The preview includes a soothing ballad, Beneath You're Beautiful,' featuring rising star, Emeli Sande and written by American soul man Mike Posner.

"I think the song is again another side of me that people haven't seen yet," Lab explained. "To me, the record is like the landscape of my mind and if you could see all the different sides, it's very healthy and will help people get to know what I'm about”.

The album which is set for release on April 2nd, also features hits that include, 'Earthquake' and 'Let The Sun Shine' and the latest release 'Last Time.'

While Labrinth continues to tour the country, the singer received rave reviews following his performance in Camden last night.

Check out the latest pics from Labrinth's perfomance at KoKo and an exclusive listen to his fantastic new album.

Labrinth performs first night of UK tour at Camden's KOKO...


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