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Jay-Z's 'Simple' Concept For New Album 'Genius,' Says Producer



Jay-Z's 'Simple' Concept For New Album 'Genius,' Says Producer


Jay Z is reportedly keeping the concept for his twelfth album very "simple," a producer on the record has revealed.

The rapper his currently working with studio engineer Guru, who shared exclusive detail about Jay's new project in an interview with

He said: "I'm marvelled at how smart this guy is. When he told me the concept, I was like 'Why didn't I think of that?'"

"It was just so simple. I can't tell you the title, it's so good it's like, 'Oh my god why didn't I think of that? What made you think of that and why haven't we done that before? It's just staring us in the face all these years, we could've been put that out as an album concept."

Guru also went on to reveal that Jay and Kanye West are "seriously considering" working on a follow-up to their smash hit album, Watch The Throne, which dropped last year.

"It has been talked about but hasn't been executed yet. Definitely could happen," he said.

Fingers crossed!

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