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Game Sparks Offends Fan By Groping Her On Stage After Spitting Incident

When will he grow up?!


Game Sparks Offends Fan By Groping Her On Stage After Spitting Incident

Photo: Ian Wilson/

Another shocking video has surfaced showing The Game unwillingly urging a female fan to expose herself on stage and then letting his entorage grope her, before throwing her back into the crowd.

The footage follows the release of another video which emerged earlier this week, showing the rapper spitting at a group of female fans while in a nightclub in Australia.

The 32-year-old, who is currently touring the country, can be seen in the video along with his crew including rapper Kid Red, who surround the woman who they had invited to join them on stage at the HQ Complex, in Adelaide.

The video then shows the rapper yelling: "Show us your t***es." The woman who clearly looks uncoftable, is then approched by Kid Red who appears to try and romove her top himself.

As she continues to refuse, The Game shouts: "You shouldn’t have brought your a** up here then," before being pushed off the stage.

According to sources, a fight reportedly broke out after the show when a member of The Game's enterage made advances on a male fan's girlfriend.

Way to keep it classy Game!

Check out the footage below...


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