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Kim Kardashian Gushes About Kanye West: 'He's A Creative Genius'

At least someone likes his clothes!

By Alicia Adejobi on Wednesday 7th March 2012 Photo by Daniel Tanner/WENN.com

Kim Kardashian has gushed about Kanye West and his women's fashion line, describing him as a "creative genius."

The 31-year-old reality star was accused of having an affair with the rapper by his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose, but while neither party have addressed the rumours in public, they clearly still have a close relationship.

Kim rocked up to Paris earlier this week to support Kanye's launch of his Autumn/Winter 2012 Spring line, wearing clothes from the range herself including the $6,000 heels that everyone has been going crazy about.

"I just love what he designs. Look at me, I'm dressed head to toe in his stuff," Kim told MyDaily.

"In my view he's a creative genius, I think he creates beautiful clothes that women want to wear," she said.

Are you a fan of Yeezy's fashion line? Check out Kim's outfit in the gallery below.

Kim Kardashian cosies up to Kanye West at Paris Fashion Week...


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