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Jay-Z Has Title For New Album: 'People Are Going To Be Like 'Wow''

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Jay-Z Has Title For New Album: 'People Are Going To Be Like 'Wow''

Photo: Robert Wallace/

Longtime Jay-Z associate Young Guru has confirmed the rap mogul has decided on a title for his follow-up to Blueprint 3, and says fans will be blown away.

The studio engineer pointed to the simplicity of both the new album's concept and title, claiming the genius idea behind both has been "staring rap fans in the face" for years.

"It has a concept and a title, and the title and the concept fit him so well that people are going to be like 'Wow'," Guru told Complex.

"The simplicity of the title and the concept that it conveys is incredible."

Young Guru revealed the record would follow a traditional concept album structure, like Hov's movie-inspired 10th album American Gangster, but would still have a cohesive narrative.

"I can't tell you the title, it's so good it's like, 'Oh my god why didn't I think of that? What made you think of that and why haven't we done that before?'," he added.

"It's just staring us in the face all these years, we could've been put that out as an album concept."

It looks like Jay is ready to answer critics who say he's run out of things to rap about. What do you think the concept for the new album could be?

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