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Rob Kardashian Has Been 'Having Sex With Sarah Palin Spoof Pornstar For Years'



Rob Kardashian Has Been 'Having Sex With Sarah Palin Spoof Pornstar For Years'

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Lisa Ann, star of the infamous Sarah Palin porn spoof 'Who's Nailin' Paylin?' says she's been in a sexual relationship with Rob Kardashian for nearly five years.

Speaking to ThisIs50 radio show hosts Maya the B and Hyanken, the award-winning adult actress claimed she was the youngest Kardashian's 'sex teacher' and has turned him onto a number of wild bedroom antics.

"I've f**ked him," Ann replied when asked if she'd 'f**k or duck' the 24-year-old in a video recently posted by Bossip. "For years we've been f**king. Yeah, this is a big story. You didn't know this? This is one of the things that everybody asks me."

Lisa got his industry break in 2008 after starring in the lead role to Who's Nailin' Paylin?, a satire on former U.S. vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, which also featured pornstar equivalents of Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice.

"We met three or four years ago and we've had an ongoing booty call thing," Ann said of her relationship with Kardashian.

"It's nice. I want to be a lot of his firsts, so I was his first anal sex experience. I've been trying to be his sex teacher."

Uh, wow. The definition of 'too much information.' Another of Rob's exes, Adrienne Bailon, also recently let slip way more than was necessary, accidently exposing her private parts on the red carpet last week.

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