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Kreayshawn Blames Stream Of Racist Tweets On Hackers

Says page was hijacked...


Kreayshawn Blames Stream Of Racist Tweets On Hackers

Photo: Will Alexander/

Kreayshawn has been forced to deny she posted a series of racist tweets to her Twitter account earlier this week.

The 'Gucci Gucci' rapper claims her page was hacked on Wednesday night, after a number of offensive messages were posted and retweeted by fans.

Posts included: "Sometimes I wish slavery was still goin' on,' and 'I don't need black fans anyway. Y'all don't buy albums."

However, having apparently regained control of her account, Kreayshawn posted her explanation, saying: "I can't believe people would believe I tweeted those things. I would never even think of sh*t like that. People just made that up."

"Its easy to make it look like some tweeted something by putting a "RT" infront of it. Don't we already know twitter is full of fake rumors?"

"I really hate twitter that's why I blocked my tweets. Damn near bout to give my account up to my record label and have them tweet for me"

Kreayshawn has previously had to defend her White Girl Mob associate V-Nasty from accusations of racism after she repeatedly took to dropping the n-word in her raps.

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