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Fantasia's Boyfriend Cheating On Her With Ex-Wife's Relative!

Kick him to the curb!


Fantasia's Boyfriend Cheating On Her With Ex-Wife's Relative!

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Fantasia Barrino's boyfriend is reportedly cheating on her with his ex-wife's relative.

It was reported last week that Antwaun Cook had left Fantasia and was trying to get back together with his ex-wife, Paula, but it seems that he is doing the dirty on both of them.

According to Bossip, Antwaun has been cheating on both Paula and Fantasia with one of Paula's relatives.

Baller Status also claims that Antwaun is seeing another woman and has moved out of Fantasia's home, leaving her in floods of tears.

Fantasia gave birth to their first son just a few months ago, and sources say Antwaun is only bothering to contact her when he wants to see his son.

Sounds like Fantasia should have learnt her lesson the first time round with this one!

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