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Kreayshawn Says Mother Has Received Death Threats Over Racist Tweets

Oh Dear!


Kreayshawn Says Mother Has Received Death Threats Over Racist Tweets

Photo: Judy Eddy/

West coast rapper Kreayshawn has revealed her mother has received death threats after her Twitter page was hacked and a series of racist tweets posted for the world to see.

The racist tweets caused uproar when her fans suddenly turned against her, Krey then suggested that she was going to hand her Twitter to her record label, because she was so sick of receiving death threats.

She said: "People tweet my mom saying all sorts of crazy things, like they want to kill her. And I think people thought it was funny. But it's not...I really hate twitter that’s why I blocked my tweets. Damn near bout to give my account up to my record label and have them tweet for me."

The rapper has also had her account hacked last year while she was attending the VMAs and naked pictures were posted on her Twitter page.

Krey went on to speak about how her account was hacked while she was asleep, explaining: "You know how Twitter has the trending topics... Well this one I guess was fake retweets of me."

"Then everyone started doing it. Like, 'Lets put RT in front of Kreayshawn's name' and saying these horrible things, and finally my fans and a few of my friends started hitting me like 'your page's been hacked.'"

"I went on Twitter and saw that there wasn't anything on my timeline that I didn't tweet. But then I checked my @replies and I saw everything."

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