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Reggie Bush Blasts Kim Kardashian's 'Disgusting' Romance With Kanye West

Haters Gonna Hate...

By Kelly-Mae Mahoney on Thursday 15th March 2012 Photo by Apega/WENN

Reggie Bush has allegedly admitted to "using" Kim Kardashian and has branded the model's relationship with Kanye West 'disgusting'.

According to InTouch, Reggie dumped the reality star after "using" her for sexual advances, contrary to recent reports that they were planning on eloping.

Insiders claim that has no desire to officially reconcile with Kim and has seen her true colours. "Reggie never really trusted her," an insider claims.

Kim was recently spotted in Paris with her other ex, Kanye West flaunting a pair of the rapper's exclusive Giuseppe Zanotti heels.

Another source claimed that instead of making Reggie jealous, it made him realise how much they he and Kim aren't right for each other.

"Reggie’s been telling people that Kim’s disgusting for hooking up with Kanye and that they deserve each other," the source added.

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