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Tamia Slams 'Basketball Wives' Reality Show For Being 'Fake'

What did she expect?


Tamia Slams 'Basketball Wives' Reality Show For Being 'Fake'

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Former R&B singer Tamia has blasted VH1's Basketball Wives for not showing reality.

The beauty has been married to Phoenix Suns basketball player Grant Hill for 13 years, and says that the popular reality show, ironically, doesn't portray the reality of their lives.

"Well, I think the perception is definitely not a reality. I think, to be fair, a lot of those women [on the show] aren’t wives," Tamia told the Huffington Post's Black Voices.

"And I’m good friends with Shaunie. And as far as business is concerned, I applaud her, but I think that it’s definitely very misleading in terms of what our lives are about. I do have a lot of friends who are married to athletes, and a lot of these women are involved in charities, doing all kinds of things behind the scenes and are supportive wives, and — believe it or not — have supportive husbands who are really great guys."

While the women on the show are certainly potrayed in a negative light, getting into catfights and arguing, Tamia says that it is also unfair that the players themselves get a bad rap when not all of them are cheaters.

"I think not only for the women, but I think it just paints a really bad picture about the men as well. I think for athletes in general, people are like, 'Why would you want to marry an athlete?'" she said.

"And that goes back to what I was saying to you: what works in one person’s marriage, may not work in the next. So keep your eyes focused on yours! I guess it’s interesting TV, but it’s definitely not reality."

Do you agree that Basketball Wives is fake?

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