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Rihanna 'Working On Getting Curvy Bum Back'



Rihanna 'Working On Getting Curvy Bum Back'

Photo: Massimo Barbaglia/

Rihanna says that she is working on getting her curvy bum back following her weight loss.

The 24-year-old recently addressed her body issues saying that her hectic tour schedule left her with little time to eat, causing her to lose her fuller figure. RiRi is now on a mission to get back her derriere, which she says used to be her favourite body part.

"I’m working on getting [my butt] back," the 'Where Have You Been?' singer told People magazine.

"It used to be my favorite body part, but now it’s disappeared! I’m going to have to start hiking or at least going on the elliptical or walking on an incremental treadmill or horseback riding. Something that firms the butt."

In addition to the exercise, Rihanna says that she has thrown out healthy eating in order to pack on the pounds. "Then there’s the old fashioned way. “I’m eating everything. I’ve been eating ice cream and fast food and Italian food," she added.

Do you think Rihanna has lost too much weight?

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