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Nicole Scherzinger Says Boyfriend Lewis Hamilton Is 'Very Special'

Back on track...


Nicole Scherzinger Says Boyfriend Lewis Hamilton Is 'Very Special'


Nicole Scherzinger has described her boyfriend Lewis Hamilton as "very special."

The couple recently reconciled after breaking up in October, claiming the long distance and their careers kept them apart for long lengths of time. It seems things are back on track for the pair now and Nicole went to support Lewis at the Australian Grand Prix over the weekend.

"I just have so much respect for what the racers and their teams do," Nicole told the Herald Sun.

"It is one of the greatest sports. I am fascinated and I am in awe of Lewis when I watch him. He is very special."

While Nicole admitted that she gets "nervous" before Lewis races, she hopes her positive thoughts will encourage him as he hits the track. "But I am a very competitive person by nature so I try to focus positive energy for him," she said.

Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton step out together since reconciling...


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