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Solange Knowles Says Failed Marriage Was 'Impulsive'

Was just 17...


Solange Knowles Says Failed Marriage Was 'Impulsive'

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Solange Knowles has opened up about her first marriage saying that it was an "impulsive" decision.

The fashion icon was dating Daniel Smith at the age of 17, when she fell pregnant with son Daniel Julez. Solange explains that Daniel's subsequent proposal was always going to happen as they were a rebellious couple.

"I just loved being at home and being domestic,’" Solange told the Evening Standard of her desire to marry at a young age.

"We would have gotten married for sure anyway, but then I found out I was pregnant. We were crazy, impulsive teenagers and I was obviously craving some sort of stability."

Solange admits that while her parents were concerned that their youngest child was pregnant and engaged at such a young age, she says they soon came round.

"[My family] were alarmed and frightened that their 17-year-old daughter wanted to get married and have a kid, but I’d been working since I was 13," she said.

"I was making my own money. I wasn’t really asking permission, and once they found out I was serious about it, they were supportive and amazing."

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