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Teyana Taylor Gets Into Brawl With Stripper

Cat Fight


Teyana Taylor Gets Into Brawl With Stripper

Photo: FayesVision/

Teyana Taylor got into a fight with a stripper while partying it up in a Miami club last night.

It all went down inside the LIV nightclub where stars such as Mary J. Blige were performing for Queen Latifah's 42nd birthday party.

Teyana made a quick visit to the venue with her girls to wish the rap veteran a Happy Birthday. The singer then darted off to the King of Diamonds stripclub where Taylor got into it with a stripper named Skrawberry.

According to one of Teyana's friends Hazle E, the stripper named Skrawberry, approached their table and punched the singer in her face because she was jealous of how much attention Ms Taylor was receiving.

Teyana's friend went on to add: "Skrawberry came over to the table where Teyana Taylor was. NFL player Bryant Mckinney saw the two ladies exchanging words & as Teyana bent down to grab her drink, Skrawberry sucker punched her. But it was the first and last hit she got. Teyana and her crew laid Skrawberry out. She left the club leaking and wearing her dress as a belt."

Sadly that wasn't the be all and end all. An hour later the singer and her friend were attacked by Skrawberry's sister, outside their hotel and ended up breaking a window.

“Teyana and her crew were outside the Fontainebleau hotel, retrieving their belongings that were left inside club LIV from the first bout and all of a sudden, Skrawberry's sister runs up behind Teyana and grabbed her hair, the ladies fell into the bushes by the window.”

The singer later posted a tweet about the fight, writing, "Let Us See You're Face. :) tell me how it feel? #drakevoice hahahahah"

The singer recently released her new mixtape named The Misunderstandings of Teyana Taylor. Let's just hope this is one of those misunderstandings.

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