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Tyga Explains Drama Behind Recent Concert Shooting

Local rappers involved...


Tyga Explains Drama Behind Recent Concert Shooting

Photo: Jlnphotography/

Young Money artist Tyga has explained the events that led to a gunfight after his concert in Nebraska earlier this week in which left female rapper Honey Cocaine was shot.

Speaking to Power 106, the 'Rack City' star claimed the situation could have arose from local rappers who objected to him not booking them to open the show in Omaha.

"I’m a chill person, but a person wants to be disrespectful… I’m trying to put on a great show for people who pay money to see me. Somebody threw a bottle and nobody want to say who threw the bottle," said the 22-year-old, referring to an incident caught on camera which was thought to spark the shooting later on in the night.

"I never really lose my cool, I’m chill most of the time. I never be trying to start drama or something like that. But when you get disrespected as a man, there’s certain stuff that won’t allow."

Explaining the his run-in with local acts, Tyga added: "I was dealing with the same people from the beginning of the day, before the show even started. They wanted to cancel the show. There was a bunch of drama going on already."

"Actually, there were some local opening acts and I told them they couldn’t perform. It’s a tour, and I don’t want no opening act performances. That’s what y’all saw on YouTube and stuff."

The rapper, whose sophomore album Careless World: Rise of the Last King was recently released to postive reviews, also updated fans on the condition of Honey Cocaine, a 20-year-old Toronto-born femcee signed to Tyga's personal imprint Last King.

"She with me now," he said, saying she had recovered from a gunshot wound to the arm. "We got a show tonight in Albuquerque."

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