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POLL: Is Jay-Z Hip-Hop's Saviour?

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By Richard Gilzene on Thursday 22nd March 2012 Photo by WENN

Jay-Z has been paid the highest compliment from his one-time rival Nas, who described him as the "saviour" of hip-hop.

Speaking to Hot 97, the Queensbridge emcee pointed to Hov's business acumen and respect for hip-hop's past as a driving force behind the culture's sustained popularity.

But what do you think?

Is Jay-Z hip-hop's saviour? Or do you think there are other emcees doing more to keep rap on top while Jay-Z focuses on becoming a mainstream entertainment brand?

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Is Jay-Z Hip-Hop's Saviour?

  1. 1. Yes - Without Hov' hip-hop wouldn't be as succesful
  2. 2. No - Other rappers are pushing the music forward

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