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Kobe Bryant Drops $329,000 On Brand New Ferrari

Flashing that cash


Kobe Bryant Drops $329,000 On Brand New Ferrari

Photo: Apega/WENN

Looks like Kobe Bryant isn't too concerned about saving money any time soon, as the NBA star dropped a whopping $329,000 on a brand new Ferrari, despite going through a multi-million dollar divorce.

According to TMZ, the LA Laker, who earns $25 million per season, bought a new 2009 Ferrari 458 Italia yesterday and handed over a check for the full amount.

Although the luxurious car is only a quarter of Kobe's yearly earnings, the new vehicle could be a delightful distraction from his baby mama drama divorce.

Kobe and his wife Vanessa, who failed to sign a prenuptial agreement, married in 2001 and have since been the centre of attention since reports of Kobe's infidelities first came to light in 2003.

Bryant's wife has already been awarded $75 million, along with three of the couple's mansions in California.

However Bryant is reportedly unwilling to let his estranged wife go, and has been showering her with expensive gifts, including jewellery.

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