by Caridee Williams

Michelle Williams Regrets Spending Money On Ex Fiance

The Destiny's Child star is upset over broken engagement...


Michelle Williams Regrets Spending Money On Ex Fiance


Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child is eager to ensure her next partner is 'The One' after the recent breakup with her fiancé  left her hurt about the time and money she invested in it.

The gospel singer had taken regular flights during breaks in her Destiny's Child schedule so she could spend time with her unnamed fiance and on one occasion had racked up a $10,000 phone bill chatting to her man whilst on tour.

She says, “When I was overseas, I racked up a $10,000 cell phone bill. Relationships get very expensive... You try to fly on the red-eye (overnight plane) home, you try to spend time (with him)”

But Williams is adamant the experience won't put her off getting married: “I'm not weary of it at all. I do believe there is a particular gentleman out there for me who will come when I least expect it.”


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