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Bradley Cooper Dumped Zoe Saldana Because He 'Wasn't Ready'

Kicked to the curb!


Bradley Cooper Dumped Zoe Saldana Because He 'Wasn't Ready'

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Hangover star Bradley Cooper reportedly ditched Zoe Saldana because he 'wasn't ready' for a deep relationship.

The couple are believed to have broken up just three months after they were first spotted out at a string of Hollywood parties.

A source told E! Online Bradley couldn't commit - but hoped the pair would still be friends: "He dumped her, he just doesn't want to be in a relationship at the moment."

"They have a great friendship, a natural chemistry and it was for that reason their relationship was able to grow into something more," the source continued.

"But the timing was wrong, they are in different places in their lives."

Things between the couple were thought to be getting serious, with Saldana being seen out shopping with her ex's mother Gloria just a few weeks ago.

However, in February there were signs the hook-up might not last when reports leaked Cooper was apparently 'overwhelmed' by his new girlfriend's 'intense' demands to settle down.

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