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Tyga: 'People Need To Glorify Nicki Minaj'

Should they?


Tyga: 'People Need To Glorify Nicki Minaj'

Photo: Judy Eddy/

Tyga says that people need to "glorify" Nicki Minaj for her new album Pink Friday: Roman's Revenge.

The 'Rack City' rapper stood up for his Young Money labelmate, amid criticism she is receiving for recording too many pop-sounding tracks for the album.

Clearly a fan of the record, Tyga told MTV News:"I love it. I get the concept behind the album. This is her album, and she's really talkin' that s**t and tellin' people they need to glorify her and what she's done."

Meanwhile, Big Sean also praised Nicki for returning to hip-hop she made on her mixtapes. "I definitely like the one with Chris Brown [Right by My Side.] I like the ones where she's really taking it back to the essence with the rap, sounding like a lot of her early work, her mixtape work."

Do you agree with the boys' comments on Nicki's album? Read our review here.

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