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Chris Brown: 'Brandy Is The Best Female Vocalist Ever'

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Chris Brown: 'Brandy Is The Best Female Vocalist Ever'

Photo: Aaron Gilbert/ WENN

Chris Brown has given Brandy the title of the "best female vocalist ever."

The 22-year-old, who celebrated his first UK number one single this week with 'Turn Up The Music,' made the bold statement on Twitter earlier this week.

"Brandy is the best female vocalist to me!!!!!" he wrote before deleting it shortly after.

Chris, and one of his new artists Se7en, are currently working with Brandy on her forthcoming new album TwoEleven, hence the reason for his surprising statement.

Quite coincidentally, Chris's ex-girlfriend Rihanna also labelled Brandy the best female vocalist recently.

There's no denying Brandy has an amazing voice, but is she the best to ever do it?

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