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Rihanna Vows Never To Pose Naked: 'I Have Standards'

You'd never have guessed!


Rihanna Vows Never To Pose Naked: 'I Have Standards'


Rihanna has vowed to never pose naked or strip off for a magazine shoot, as her mother "raised her to have standards."

The 'We Found Love' songstress is often criticised for her risque outfits and raunchy performances, and has even had a couple of nip-slips in the last few months. However, Rihanna says that she would never take the plunge and go full frontal as she doesn't want to disappoint her family.

"My mother would kill me if I posed nude! My mother raised me with certain standards," Rihanna told Mondanite magazine.

Rihanna recently admitted that she does wear revealing and suggestive outfits, saying: "My way probably won't work for most people, but the more I got naked the more comfortable I felt. I just have to face my fear."

"You always find something wrong, you always find something you're uncomfortable with. One thing turns into another and you get embarrassed and self-conscious about it - you feel like everybody can see what you see."

Rihanna exposes nipples in see-through top...


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