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Akon Talks Success, Lady Gaga & Michael Jackson On 'Behind The Music'

He's come a long way...


Akon Talks Success, Lady Gaga & Michael Jackson On 'Behind The Music'

Photo: B.Dowling/

VH1's popular Behind The Music this week turned the spotlight on multi-platinum recording artist Akon, who shares some intimate details on his inspiring journey from a village in Senegal, to conquering the world charts with his viewers.

The music mogul, born Aliaune Thiam, opened up about his highs and lows, including the time he was caught humping an underage girl onstage, working with the late Michael Jackson, and helping launch fellow musician, Lady Gaga's career.

''Gaga became the biggest success story in my history of music'', gushed Akon, who's new album Stadium is on the way.

''More than anything I was happy that I stuck with it and we believed in it together.''

The exclusive preview also looked at Akon's roots growing up as the son of a famous musician, which led him to meet a teenage Michael Jackson when he was just at the tender age of five. His world got turned upside down when he moved to America at the age of seven, where he was treated as an outcast and bullied because of his heritage, which ultimately led him down some dark paths as a youngster.

The episode also featured commentary from Wyclef Jean, T-Pain, and Akon's family members.

Akon parties in Las Vegas with P. Diddy and Christina Milian...


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