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Cheryl Cole Giving Up Smoking To Save Voice

Is it too late?


Cheryl Cole Giving Up Smoking To Save Voice


Cheryl Cole is reportedly trying to give up smoking in a bid to salvage her voice.

The 'Promise This' is singer is gearing up for the release of her third studio album, and her management team are said to be worried that her heavy smoking habit will affect her performances. 

"Cheryl's tried giving up before but it was never that serious," a source told The Sun. "This time around the pressure is really on – because her singing voice is her job. It's probably the worst time to be quitting too, with all the stress of bringing out a new album."

The 28-year-old tried to give up smoking last April when she was moving pverseas to try and crack the States, but failed on her mission.

Is it too late for Cheryl to save her voice?

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