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Nicki Minaj Refuses To Tone Down Sexy Image For Kids

Look away kids!


Nicki Minaj Refuses To Tone Down Sexy Image For Kids

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Nicki Minaj has refused to tone down their sexy image for children, despite claiming that she doesn't want to be a bad role model.

The 'Starships' singer was recently forced to apologise for her wardrobe malfunction last year, when her breast popped out on live TV. However, Nicki says that she won't be toning down her image despite having a legion of young children following her every move.

"I've always been kind of racy. Don't expect that to change," she said according to Belfast Telegraph.

"But I love children and I respect children so much....I'm big on them remaining, you know, kids. I don't want them to go around cursing and acting crazy."

Speaking about the success of her latest album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, Nicki added: "I didn't expect the kids to gravitate to me like that. I'm finding my own niche with them."

Should Nicki tone down the sexiness?

Nicki Minaj wears risque outfit to 'Roman Reloaded' signing...


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