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P. Diddy Admits 'Addiction' To Girlfriend Cassie

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P. Diddy Admits 'Addiction' To Girlfriend Cassie

Photo: Will Alexander/Stuart Castle/

P. Diddy has admitted that he has an "addiction" to his rumoured girlfriend Cassie.

The Bad Boy Records boss and the 'King of Hearts' singer have been in a supposed relationship for several years, but they have never publicly confirmed or denied the rumours. However, the pair may have confirmed their relationship using subliminal messages on Twitter.

"Everybody has an addiction mines happens to Be YOU!!!! :) I LOVE YOU BABE!! Take dat," Diddy wrote on his Twitter.

In a clear response, Cassie wrote on her own account: "Everybody has an addiction, mine happens to be you... love CC."

Will Cassie and Diddy ever admit they're in a relationship?

P. Diddy, Cassie, Alicia Keys and more attend Kanye West's Paris Fashion Week party...


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