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Rihanna To Play Lead In Gay Rom-Com?

Nothing she won't do...


Rihanna To Play Lead In Gay Rom-Com?

Photo: Lia Toby/

Rihanna has joked that she may play a lesbian in a future rom-com.

The 24-year-old appears to have the acting bug following her role in debut flick Battleship, but says that she would like to star in a romantic comedy next. During an interview with Australia's, RiRi joked that she may not choose to act alongside a male lead.

"Who said it had to be a guy," Rihanna joked when asked to name a funny actor she would like to star alongside.

Backtracking on her joke, RiRi then added: "Actually, there's nothing in the works that I can speak of, but I wanna get into comedy. I really wanna try it and I could see a romantic comedy being something in the future, but I'm just interested to try that world."

Would you like to see Rihanna in a rom-com?

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