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Jennifer Williams On Evelyn Lozada Fight: 'I've Never Seen Her That Angry'

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Jennifer Williams On Evelyn Lozada Fight: 'I've Never Seen Her That Angry'

Photo: D. Salters/

Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams has spoken on the on-going feud with co-star with Evelyn Lozada, that has ended their friendship.

The two ladies were actually best friends for more than 10 years, before they recently came to blows on their hit VH1 show. Jennifer says that while Evelyn has always been a "hothead," she was shocked during a recent episode of the show where she became particularly angry.

"She actually is very angry. When she jumped on the table…that wasn’t…I don’t know what was going on," Evelyn told Shade 45's Money Team.

"We were actually filming at a horse track. We were in the presidential suite okay. We were all dressed up and it just got real ghetto and I’m thinking like, ‘Is this really happening? This is crazy.'"

"Evelyn is really angry and really, I don’t know why. I’m going to be honest with you, I’ve known Evelyn for a really long time and she’s always been somewhat of a hothead, but I’ve never seen her to this extent, all angry and doing all kinds of crazy s**t."

Jennifer questions whether Evelyn's personality has really changed, or if she is just an angry person.

"I don’t know if it’s for TV or if she’s real angry. I feel like this: you’re supposed to be so happy, you’re supposed to be getting married, you should not be letting little bulls**t phase you."

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