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Nicki Minaj's Father Says She 'Lied' About Violence Against Mother

Who's telling the truth?


Nicki Minaj's Father Says She 'Lied' About Violence Against Mother

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Nicki Minaj's father says that she exaggerated about the extent of his violence towards her mother.

The Young Money rapper recently claimed in an interview that her father would "threaten to kill" her mother, when she was a child. However, Omar, says that Nicki was not being completely truthful in her version of events, and denies that he was ever that violent.

Sources close to Omar told TMZ that while he admits to having anger issues when Nicki was younger, he never threatened her mother's life.

Apparently, Omar had no idea Nicki "hated" him that much, and is "crushed" she decided to share details of their private life.

Last weekend, Nicki deleted her Twitter account after an argument with a fan, and also became angry with a reporter during a recent interview.

Who do you think is telling the truth?

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