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Mary J. Blige Treats Fan To $2,500 Shopping Spree



Mary J. Blige Treats Fan To $2,500 Shopping Spree

Photo: FayesVision/

R&B singer Mary J. Blige treated one of her fans to some special R&R this weekend, splashing out $2,500 on a shopping spree for a fan.

Mary dropped by Cleavland's z107.9 radio station to host a competition for fans, where she announced the lucky winner would be presented with a shopping spree.

The winner, Candis, beat 14,000 fans to lunch with Miss Blige at Mr Chow's, followed by some serious Gucci retail therapy through Rodeo Drive. Blige spent time with the lucky fan, sharing personal details about her life and music while dining over lobster and shrimp.

The pair then stopped off at the Gucci store where she bought Candis two bags worth of goodies including a tanned Gucci hand bag with a pair matching shoes.

Check out Mary's generous shopping spree below...

Mary J. Blige accentuates figure in lycra catsuit...


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