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Iggy Azalea On Azealia Banks Feud: 'She Pulled A Kanye West On Me'

Talks on XXL list dispute...


Iggy Azalea On Azealia Banks Feud: 'She Pulled A Kanye West On Me'

Photo: C.Smith/

Iggy Azalea has spoken on her feud with Azealia Banks over her place in the XXL Freshman list.

The Australian rapper was named by the magazine as one of the hottest rappers to look out for in 2012, however, her rival Azealia expressed her disbelief that Iggy was included after her "racist slavemaster" lyrics.

Addressing the beef properly for the first time, Iggy told Boombox: "It was frustrating because I felt like that was supposed to be a poignant moment for me and it got taken away."

"I kind of felt like Taylor Swift and Kanye West and I was Taylor Swift. I felt like this is supposed to be my moment, this is my great achievement, it’s great for me and it’s great for my country, it’s great for women, and I felt like it got stolen from me in a sense."

After explaining that she felt "disappointed" with Azealia for ruining her happy moment, Iggy addressed her controversial "slavemaster" lyrics, saying: "It was just a big arrow in my heart. There have been a few things, not just that. There have been a few things, as well as personal stuff, that annoys you the most, because those are the things that are closest to your heart."

Was Azealia wrong to call out Iggy over the XXL list?

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