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Common On Tupac Hologram: 'It's Great Keeping His Spirit Alive'

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Common On Tupac Hologram: 'It's Great Keeping His Spirit Alive'

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Common has spoken on the Tupac hologram at last weekend's Coachella, saying that it is "great his spirit is being kept alive in hip-hop."

The 'Sweet' lyricist was among millions of people around the world, who watching in awe as a 3D impression of Tupac appeared on stage alongside Snopp Dogg at the music event on Sunday.

Sharing his thoughts on the "resurrection" of one of hip-hop's legends, Common told GlobalGrind: "I think the fact that we can continue to pay homage to what Tupac meant to hip-hop and to music and to the culture is great."

"Unfortunately the brother passed, but the fact that we can give people the vehicle for people to enjoy and remember what he means to music and our culture is great as a whole."

Tupac's mother, Afeni Shakur, was reportedly "thrilled" with the hologram and gave Dr. Dre approval to include the illusion in his set. It was also reported this week that Tupac will be making another appearance on Dre and Snoop's tour later this year.

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