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Dezmon Briscoe Caught Sex Text Cheating On Royce Reed!

So much drama!


Dezmon Briscoe Caught Sex Text Cheating On Royce Reed!

Photo: Twitter/Royce Reed

Tampa Bay Buccaneers player Dezmon Briscoe has allegedly been caught cheating on his current girlfriend Basketball Wives star Royce Reed, with his baby mother.

Dezmon is said to have sent the mother of his child, Christina Nero, saucy messages asking her for sex and professing his love for her.

The latest episode of the hit VH1 show saw the couple put on a huge show of slobbering affection, which promoted Christina to out their fling in a Twitter rant.

"I swear I almost threw up over my watching bbw fake a** relationship," baby momma Christina wrote on Twitter.

"In your 30 and your a** too Gullible #NotAGoodLookMa'm," she added.

Royce replied: "hows Jr? Can't wait to meet him! He's getting so big," to which Christina responded: "Lol he is good hun, thanks for asking since your "boyfriend" never does and as for meeting him I wouldnt hold my breath if I was you."

After blasting Royce for not encouraging Dezmon to see his son, Christina went on to produce evidence of him asking her for sex. One of the messages reads: "All pride aside... I'm happy you had my child... We been through so much [through] these last couple of years and GOD has blessed us with a child.

"I love you and Thank you. What would you say if I wanted to have sex with you again?"

Royce didn't believe this though and claims Christina had her friend write the messages, and changed the name of the sender.

Who do you believe?

Celebrity love triangles...


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