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Kendrick Lamar Recalls Seeing Tupac Shakur Before Death

Compares real life to hologram...


Kendrick Lamar Recalls Seeing Tupac Shakur Before Death

Photo: Rick Davis / Splash News

Aftermath rapper Kendrick Lamar has recalled the first time he saw rapper Tupac Shakur before his death and compared it with the late rapper's recent hologram Coachella performance.

Speaking exclusively to MTV the 24-year-old spoke out about the realistic hologram, and said he was "blown away" by his mentor Dr. Dre, who gave him an exclusive preview of the project before it made its debut last weekend.

Being one of the lucky few to have met Tupac before his tragic death in 1996, the hotly-tipped rapper spoke about the first time he caught a glimpse of Pac and Dre shooting the video for 'California Love,' a year before his death.

He said: "It was almost live because he was shooting a video on Rosecrans in Compton with Dre for the original ‘California Love’ video." He went on to say: "I actually got to see him perform just a little bit before they shut that shit down…before it got too crazy."

The west coast rapper who has been widely compared to Tupac, claimed the hologram gave him "chills" when he first saw it, and quickly reminded him of his brief encounter with the late Cali rapper.

Was you impressed by the hologram? 

Remembering Tupac Shakur...


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