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Suge Knight: 'I'll Beat the Sh*t Out of Rick Ross'

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Suge Knight: 'I'll Beat the Sh*t Out of Rick Ross'

Photo: Reggie Collier / WENN

Former Death Row CEO Suge Knight has promised to "beat the dog sh*t" out of Rick Ross over the Miami rapper's friendship with P. Diddy.

Knight launched shots in response to MMG's 2011 track 'Tupac Back,' claiming it was disrespectful for Rozay to cut a song about the deceased West Coast legend while remaining close friends with Diddy - who Knight believes had Pac killed.

In an interview with 93.5 KDay, Knight admitted he respected Ross as an emcee - but was ready to put hands on him over the record.

"That boy got bars, he's gonna write... at the same time, I feel like there's a line you cross, and Rick Ross crossed that line," he insisted.

"If you're gonna be with guy [Diddy] who killed Tupac, you can't go turn around and do a record [called] 'Tupac Back' ...Rick Ross is a grown ass n***a."

"I'll beat the dog s**t out of Rick Ross for manipulating these people out here."

Suge also swung at Rozay over his 'stolen' name and past as a correctional officer.

"I can't sit up here and say I'm bitter to Rick Ross, 'cus like anybody else, we don't know Rick Ross," said the fallen mogul.

"That's a guy who uses somebody else's name. This guy comes from being a correctional officer. I don't got nothing negative [against him] personally, I just feel like he do do good music, and you can't take that from him."

In the same interview Suge also questioned if Tupac's death was a faked conspiracy, claiming the man he paid to cremate the rapper's body had later disappeared - possibly without ever actually completing the process.

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