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Rakim Defends Kanye West's Outbursts As 'Important For Hip-Hop'

Are they? Really?


Rakim Defends Kanye West's Outbursts As 'Important For Hip-Hop'


Rakim has defended Kanye West over criticism he receives for his outbursts, saying that he should be celebrated for them.

Ra says, despite his many critics, Kanye's self-belief is to be commended and is even important to hip-hop's future success.

"At the end of the day, you've really got to appreciate an artist that's really outspoken and feels like his music can change the world," Rakim told The Atlantic.

"Don't even go to the studio if you don't think that your music's going to do something. You're wasting your time and my time."

"You feel that in the award shows stuff where Kanye has these episodes, right? It's because he's passionate. If a lot of us don't take it that serious, then it's not going to be serious no more."

The Paid In Full wordsmith also suggested Kanye was growing out of his hot-headed outbursts and maturing as both a man and a rapper.

"I kind of hear in his rhymes. He's living hard, and he's maturing now, and I think he's seeing both sides of the fence. We need a few more Kanyes, people that's really passionate about hip-hop and who keep it alive."

Ra's got a point, perhaps Kanye is maturing - it's been nearly 4 months since his last Twitter outburst...

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