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Rita Ora Shows Off New Tattoo

All that pain for something so small


Rita Ora Shows Off New Tattoo

Photo: Lia Toby/

Rita Ora has taken the plunge and had a new tattoo inked onto her arm.

The 'R.I.P' singer decided to get the inking, which is written in Arabic on the inside of her upper arm, while she was in America on a recent promotional tour.

The tat wasn't just a personal choice for the singer but part of a stint on MTV show Hip Hop POV.

The Roc Nation newcomer has been making waves in the music industry and spoke recently in an interview with Dazed magazine: 'When Jay took me to [radio station] Z100 in NYC to play my single, I was in shock. When I got into the car I cried."

"Jay was really happy and just said, 'We're happening, kid. This is happening, we're doing this together.'"

No word yet on the meaning of the tattoo.

What do you think of Rita's latest body art additon?

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