by Alicia Adejobi | Photos by Allan Bregg / Splash News

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PHOTOS: Beyonce Goes Make-Up Free At Star-Studded Party

Jay-Z likes it...


PHOTOS: Beyonce Goes Make-Up Free At Star-Studded Party

Photo: Allan Bregg / Splash News

Beyonce was spotted heading to a star-studded party in NYC yesterday with a face free of make-up.

The 30-year-old singer, who was recently named 'the world's most beautiful woman' by People magazine, looked carefree as she strolled out of her office building with her blonde hair left out in a loose mane while bouncing along in leopard print flat shoes.

After leaving her office, Bey and Jiggaman were seen making their way to a party in an apartment near Central Park, where guests included Jake Gyllenhaal and Sarah Jessica Parker.

During an interview for the magazine which honoured her with the flattering title, Beyonce revealed that since the birth of her daughter Blue Ivy, she has been opting for a more natural look as her husband Jay-Z prefers her that way.

Check out the pics of a make-up free Beyonce below.

Beyonce goes make-up free in NYC...


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