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V-Nasty On Use Of N-Word: 'It's A Term Of Endearment'

Do you agree?


V-Nasty On Use Of N-Word: 'It's A Term Of Endearment'

Photo: Twitter/V-Nasty

White Girl Mob's V-Nasty first became known when Kreayshawn shouted her out on the viral smash 'Gucci Gucci,' but since then, the Oakland rapper has been making waves - not for her music, but rather over her liberal and frequent use of the n-word.

The taboo word populates her slang, appearing in various contexts and music, but it has also landed her in controversy with several other rappers including Yelawolf and David Banner.

Chatting to TEK House TV in Las Vegas, V-Nasty discusses her opinion on the n-word controversy that has surrounded her career since last year.

So does she think it's ok to use it?

"As far as it's not in an offensive way, just like, you know, a term of endearment," she said.

"I don't know, like, you gotta be with this's not that serious, unless you're using it as a racial slur, that's when it's serious you feel me? and I don't respect that, so..."

V-Nasty received criticism for the word but revealed that she did not know it is such a big dea because in Oakland people of all races use the word in a friendly way.

Now that she knows how offensive it is for someone who is part or all white to use the word, she has announced that she will no longer use it in her lyrics.

Do you agree with Nasty's views on the n-word?

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