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Kelly Rowland 'Unlikely' To Return To X Factor

Show over for Kelly?


Kelly Rowland 'Unlikely' To Return To X Factor


R&B diva Kelly Rowland may not be returning to The X Factor as a judge and could be replaced by Katy Perry.

After months of speculations about the new line-up for the popular talent show, it has now been alleged that the 'Movtiation' singer is out and Katy could be in.

The 'Part Of Me' singer did a stint of judging when she stepped in to replace Danni Minogue at the audtion stages in 2010.

A source speaking to the Daily Mail claimed that Kelly is "95 per cent" unlikely to return to the X Factor, saying: "Kelly was great in the auditions, but when she joined the live shows it just seemed that she didn’t really relax and enjoy herself."

Money has been cited as a major factor in the singer’s possible exit from the show. Kelly was reported to be receiving $500,000 for her appearance, but wanted to treble her salary.

However, producers Thames TV and Syco blasted her demands and said they would not be ‘bounced’ into offering her a ‘truckload of money’.

One source said:  "We never negotiate a deal based on what another member of the show is getting as that would be ludicrous," adding: "We left things to the last minute last time and there’s no reason why we couldn’t do it again."

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