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Brandy Hooks Up With Chris Brown On 'Put It Down'

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Brandy Hooks Up With Chris Brown On 'Put It Down'

Photo: Brandy/Twitter

'Put It Down,' the first single of Brandy's new album Two Eleven, has been released.

It boasts a catchy, chart-ready hip-pop sound featuring a double-time rap from the singer's labelmate Chris Brown.

"Aint nobody put it down like me, though/ Why you playing? Girl you know/ With all this month and all your cake, girl you better stop, I have a big ego," raps Breezy between an infectious vocal sample.

The Bangladesh and Sean Garrett-produced single hits iTunes on May 8, while Two Eleven is slated to drop in June.

On her recent VH1 Behind the Music special, Brandy revealed she suffered from an eating disorder at the height of her career, describing herself as "the unhappiest teenager probably in the world."

Watch Brandy's Behind the Music episode here, and listen to 'Put It Down' below…

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