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Ne-Yo Denies Signing 'Disposable' Artists To Make Quick Money

Talks album sales slump...


Ne-Yo Denies Signing 'Disposable' Artists To Make Quick Money

Photo: Adriana M. Barraza/

Ne-Yo has laid his thoughts down on the table about the music industry’s album slump.

'The Give Me Everything Singer' let off some steam while putting things into perspective. “I feel like it falls on the shoulders of not only the record label, but the artists themselves," Ne-Yo told the Associated Press.

"I feel like the thing that makes you go out and get a person’s whole album is you liking that artist, you connecting with that artist.

“I feel like a lot of people are saying that the industry is moving to just being singles driven, and that’s kind of a cop out to me. So it’s like, basically that means that we sign a bunch of disposal artists, you know, as long as we get one hit that’s good? That’s B.S.”

The singer also shed some light on the new breed of artists who are setting the single’s chart ablaze but fall short in their album sales.

“Today’s music executives should be taking the time and spending the money that it takes to make sure that you’re building icons, not fly-by-night, add water-and-stir artists,” he said.

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