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Nicki Minaj Refuses To Stop Swearing Because Eminem Hasn't

Should she clean up her act?


Nicki Minaj Refuses To Stop Swearing Because Eminem Hasn't

Photo: Adriana M. Barraza/

Nicki Minaj has refused to stop swearing because Eminem and Lil Wayne do not receive the same criticism.

The Young Money star, who released her second album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded earlier this month, often criticised for her raunchy image and explicit lyrics. While she does respect the fact young children listen to her music, Nicki says she's not going to clean up her act.

"If you asked any adult, 'Would you like your children knowing every part of your life and speaking exactly the way you speak when you talk to adults?' they'd say no, so I'm a firm believer in children remaining children," Nicki told The Guardian's Weekend magazine.

"Why do people ask me to lose swear words? Do people ask Eminem to lose swear words? Do they ask Lil Wayne to lose swear words?" she added.

"Nobody stops them and says 'Would you stop swearing swearing... for the children, please?'" She told the Guardian that the sensible solution was to have a clean version for the children and an explicit one for adults."

Is it time Nicki cleaned up her act?

Nicki Minaj performs at Super Bowl wearing no underwear...


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