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Kanye West's Trousers Fall Down On Date With Kim Kardashian!



Kanye West's Trousers Fall Down On Date With Kim Kardashian!

Photo: JosiahW/ Splash News

Kanye West was left a little embarrassed last night when his trousers fell down during a date with his new girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

The pair were spotted heading into Kanye's NYC apartment when the embarrassing wardrobe malfunction occurred. The 'Way Too Cold' rapper was exiting his car, when his leather trousers were seen down by his thighs, despite being held up with a studded belt.

31-year-old Kim appeared oblivious to her boyfriend's malfunction and carried on smiling as she made her way into his apartment block.

Later that evening, the couple were seen enjoying dinner at nearby The Lion restaurant, this time Kanye's trousers were pulled all the way up.

The pair have been dating for several weeks but went public with their romance on Monday night at Scott Disick's restaurant opening.

Check out the pics of Kanye's hilarious wardrobe malfunction below.

Kanye West's trousers fall down on date with Kim Kardashian...


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