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Will.i.Am In Trouble For Texting During 'The Voice' Live Shows

Was he that bored?


Will.i.Am In Trouble For Texting During 'The Voice' Live Shows


Will.i.Am has reportedly gotten himself into trouble with The Voice bosses for texting fans during the live performances.

The rapper acts as a judge and mentor on the singing contest, but was seen looking distracted, using his phone during contestants' performances in the Saturday (28 April) live show, prompting anger from studio bosses.

According to Britain's Daily Express, he was ordered by the floor manager to switch off the device, and was later told by producers that his behaviour was "unprofessional" for texting while wannabe music stars performed live.

In his defence, the rapper soon took to his Twitter account to explain, writing: "I wasn't being rude. I was connecting to (sic) people watching."

Will's involvement in the programme has already caused controversy - he was recently criticised for "subliminally advertising" his music on his outfits on the show, as well as being criticised on the amount of time he spent with his acts.

The star allegedly saw his singers for just 30 minutes last week before jetting off to the US.

However, the musician insists he prefers to chat with and guide the performers rather than rehearse with them. and Dr. Dre enjoy dinner in London...


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