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Bow Wow Explains Twitter Suicide Message

Was just a joke!


Bow Wow Explains Twitter Suicide Message


Bow Wow has addressed the scandal he caused when he wrote a seemingly suicidal message on Twitter.

The Underrated rapper wrote a message on the social networking site alluding to his death, which caused fans to worry that he was depressed and suicidal. However, Bow says the tweet was actually a joke that people took the wrong way.

"My mind state was regular. It's like that text message that you get where you don't know if a friend is yelling at you or not yelling at you," Bow explained to HipHopWired.

"That's what that was. I just woke up and everybody kept calling my phone. It was a comedic way of saying, I guess people took it the wrong way [I] was like "When I die," but when I typed it people thought I was really depressed, like I was gon' kill myself. I was like 'Nah, nah, nah!'"

"I can't even jump on Twitter and be like 'I'ma die.' Like if I'm watching Friday, and I could tweet 'I'm dying [laughing] right now" and it'd be like "Bow Wow's dying, Bow Wow's dead!" It's just like the world of Twitter, ain't nobody gotta worry about me, I'm good. My head is on straight."

He's not wrong about people jumping to assumptions on Twitter!

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