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Rihanna: 'I Was An Amateur In 'Battleship' Movie'

Could you tell?


Rihanna: 'I Was An Amateur In 'Battleship' Movie'

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Rihanna says that she felt like an amateur while filming her first movie, Battleship.

The 'Where Have You Been' singer made the scary foray from music into films, and she isn't afraid to admit that she felt intimidated by co-stars such as Brooklyn Decker. 

"I was the one that was intimidated," Rihanna told MTV News. "There was nothing for them to be intimidated about. I was the wreck. I was a wreck, just like, scared to s**t. Especially when Liam Neeson showed up to set."

"You know, we have a mutual respect for each other's industry. I was walking into this as an amateur - a complete amateur," she added. "I didn't know anything and I had a good team to learn from. I watched them, and especially Taylor, 'cause we did a lot of scenes together and he would always offer me advice."

She couldn't have been that bad because she has reportedly signed up to star in the next installment of The Fast and The Furious.

What did you think of Rihanna's acting?

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