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Brandy: 'Ray J Loved Kim Kardashian'

Too bad it didn't last...


Brandy: 'Ray J Loved Kim Kardashian'


Brandy has defended her brother against his 'playboy' image, and says that he truly loved ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

The R&B singer dated the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star for three-years before their relationship came to an end after their sex tape was leaked online. While the pair no longer speak and appear to have ended on bad terms, Brandy says that Ray  was really in love with Kim.

"He’s misunderstood. It’s one thing to have this image of [a ladies' man], but it’s another to become this other type of person that they’re trying to make my brother out to be," Brandy told Ebony magazine about Ray J's public image.

"I know who he is. This is a man who loves his mama and his sister and his niece. Ray J loved Kim Kardashian. They were irresponsible with their - you know - but he loved her. For five years, he was with her."

Ray recently experienced backlash from the public in the wake of Whitney Houston's death, his ex-girlfriend, whom he was accused of fuelling her drug habit.

Do you think Kim felt or still feels the same about Ray?

Ray J enjoys wild weekend in Las Vegas...


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