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Rihanna Posts X-Rated Stripper Photo On Twitter From Meek Mill's Birthday

Is that necessary?

By Alicia Adejobi on Wednesday 2nd May 2012 Photo by Twitter/Rihanna

Rihanna shocked fans by tweeting a graphic, x-rated photo of a woman stimulating a sex act on another woman during Meek Mill's birthday party.

The 'Where Have You Been' songstress appeared to be having a wild time at a strip club this weekend, and shared several snaps from the night. One photo shows Rihanna getting a crotch dance from a scantily-clad woman, while holding dollar notes in her hand.

However, the most shocking photo shows Rihanna watching on as one woman performs a handstand while another woman performs a sex act on her. The singer can be seen with wads of notes in her hands which she throws all over the two women.

Alongside the shocking photo, Rihanna wrote: "#ROCstarshit my daddy would be proud."

We're not sure he would!

This is perhaps the most scandolous photo Rihanna has ever tweeted? Do you find the photo unnecessary? Is she in the process of having a meltdown?

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